Irrigation Management Services

Choosing Aqualinc chooses a team of experts who will work together to understand your problems and provide sound, cost-effective advice and solutions.

  • Data logging and telemetry of water and soil moisture.

  • Irrigation management based on soil moisture, water use, and climate measurements.

  • Irrigation evaluation to improve the performance and efficiency of irrigation systems.

  • Water meter and backflow verification.

  • Resource consent advice and applications, aquifer tests, and seasonal volume evaluations.

  • Irrigation Management
  • Irrigation Evaluation
  • Aquifer Tests

Aqualinc measures:

  • Water meter flow.
  • Water level.
  • Soil moisture.
AND provides expert irrigation management advice.

Our HydroTel™ system:

  • Meets consent requirements and compliance.
  • Is robust, secure, upgradable.
  • Presents user friendly data.
  • Will help your efficent use of water.

To learn more about water metering, soil moisture, and telemetry, see our free guides.


Aqualinc is the New Zealand centre of excellence in irrigation engineering and management. Our excellence in irrigation engineering, research, and management can:

  • Determine irrigation water requirements that meet standards for “reasonable and efficient use”.
  • Design and evaluate on-farm irrigation systems and water management needs.
  • Evaluate irrigation efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Irrigation scheme planning, feasibility studies and design.


We are recognised experts in conducting and interpreting aquifer tests evaluating:

  • bore yield
  • aquifer properties
  • stream depletion
  • effects on neighboring bores
To use in system planning, consent applications, and consent compliance.

We Know Water

Aqualinc brings what it takes to manage your water. Our team of engineers, scientists, and technicians have the expertise and experience to find cost-effective solutions.
We provide more than equipment and data - we provide management service.

We Know Consents

Aqualinc's resource consent team has the expertise and experience to work through the regulatory requirements on your behalf. We have successfully secured hundreds of consents for a wide variety of farm-related activities. We can help with initial applications, change of conditions, and any unusual situations specific to your site.

World Class Research

Aqualinc is an active participant in the New Zealand water research community. We engage in cooperative research with regional councils and crown research institutes in water engineering, water allocation, water efficiency, and water quality. Our research focus brings the most up-to-date, relevant, and technically sound information, ideas, and processes to our clients.